About Owned Voices

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Leodora Darlington, Publishing Executive and founder of Owned Voices

Owned Voices was founded by Leodora Darlington, a publishing executive passionate about hearing stories from a diverse range of voices. This passion led her to design the Owned Voices creative writing workshop, a workshop created specifically for writers from backgrounds traditionally underrepresented in publishing.

Please do check out the FAQs for more info on the workshop.

The aim of Owned Voices is to help writers who would one day like to see their novels in print develop both their writing talent and their understanding of the publishing industry. We believe that it is important for writers—particularly underrepresented writers—to have a dedicated space and time in which they can think critically about their writing, find peers with whom they can share and discuss work, and have the routes into getting work published demystified by professionals who work within the industry.

At the moment, Leodora works for Bookouture (an awesome imprint of Hachette) and is thoroughly enjoying the adventures of life as a publishing professional. As part of the Bookouture team, she has enjoyed the opportunity to support titles that have gone on to become huge bestsellers and she loves working with such smart, enthusiastic people—team members and authors alike! 

When it comes to finding new writing to publish, she is particularly fond unputdownable thrillers, but also has a soft spot for stories that truly pull on the heart strings, alongside quirky book club fiction. She is hugely passionate about books written by or featuring diverse voices, across the whole spectrum of diversity and is actively seeking them!

Her writing training first came at undergraduate level at the University of Southampton as part of her English Literature bachelor’s degree. She continued her studies at Brunel University, where she studied for a creative writing master’s degree, graduating with a distinction.