Worskshop FAQs

Remind me, what is Owned Voices?

Owned Voices is an organisation focused on helping nurture the talent of writers from typically underrepresented backgrounds (i.e. BAME, working class, LGBTQ+ writers, or writers with disabilities).

Owned Voices workshops run in three hour sessions, which sound hefty, but are designed to develop participants professionally and creatively as writers. Owned Voices combines the benefits of a safe space with warm writing encouragement and expertise gained from creative writing courses and publishing industry experience.

How long does the workshop run?

The workshops will run for three hours, including a 20-minute break.  Light refreshments will be provide in the break.

How will I benefit from Owned Voices?

The great thing about Owned Voices is that it combines industry experience with academic knowledge to shape well-rounded and informative sessions. Sessions are led by Leodora Darlington, who in addition to her experience as a publishing professional, has a Distinction MA in Creative Writing.

Who is Owned Voices for?

Owned Voices is for anyone who identifies as being from a background that is traditionally underrepresented in the publishing industry (i.e. BAME, working class, LGBTQ+ writers, or writers with disabilities). Writers may have already self-published, may be halfway through their first novel, or have never completed a novel at all!

How do I get a spot on a workshop?

All prospective workshop attendees must apply for a place using the application form found here, attaching a piece of creative writing (max 2,000 words). Details on how to apply for each workshop can be found under the relevant event listing.

Places will be allocated as and when successful applications come in, so the earlier you can submit, the better!

How much do the workshops cost?

The workshops will cost £35 per person.

Are there any free places available?

Yes, yes and YES! If you cannot afford the fee, please just leave a line to flag this in your application.

There are a very limited number of free places available per workshop. Please do not deny someone who cannot afford the workshop cost the opportunity to attend, if you can indeed pay.